How to export your Gmail contacts? - Just 5 steps


Say thanks to Gmail 
Every day it is very difficult to send mails number of people, oh! Sometime fed up I used to spend lot time on sending emails. 

Actually, we are in luck. Apparently this capability was just recently added to the Gmail service Once you get export the contact from Gmail after that it is easy to send mails in outlook by using mail merge. 

Here is the Step-1 
Log in to your Gmail account, then click on Contacts on the left side.

You will see number of contacts then select desired contact list

Under the desired list click on more button then you will find export option click on it

You will find Export contacts options Choose between "Gmail CSV" (a neat idea if you have more than one Gmail account or want to share your address book with a colleague or friend, but generally probably not that useful) and "Outlook CSV" for the ubiquitous Microsoft Outlook email system.



Once you choose the format that best fits your needs, click on Export Contacts and in the blink of an eye, you'll have a filename like "gmail-to-outlook.csv" on your computer, ready to be imported into another email program.

Oh! How simple this is rest of it you can magic with .CSV file. Thanks to Gmail.


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