How to export your Gmail contacts? - Just 5 steps


Say thanks to Gmail 
Every day it is very difficult to send mails number of people, oh! Sometime fed up I used to spend lot time on sending emails. 

Actually, we are in luck. Apparently this capability was just recently added to the Gmail service Once you get export the contact from Gmail after that it is easy to send mails in outlook by using mail merge. 

Here is the Step-1 
Log in to your Gmail account, then click on Contacts on the left side.

You will see number of contacts then select desired contact list

Under the desired list click on more button then you will find export option click on it

Mendeley – Free and the best tool for Research Management - Don’t miss it



All these days I missed Mendeley Research Management Tool really it is one of the best tool for research scholars and students. Here is some of the futures of Mendeley.

·         It is a Free upto 1GB Web space 
·         For Desktops – Totally Free download it and install – try it today

Access Library OPAC's through your Mobile Phones


Hottest topic in the public is – Hey which mobile do you use is it Blackberry, iPhone,  or Android ? Mobile IT world has been changed tremendously.   If you see International Telecommunication Union (  day to day developments in IT industry. (Librarians must see this site). International Telecommunication Union estimates that there are about 4 billion live cell phones in circulation today. That's two-thirds of the world's population. As more of these devices come online, making sure that resources--such as OPACs--are compatible with these devices becomes imperative.
(Screenshot - for Mobile access)

It is time to offer library services on mobiles, when I was search Library OPAC  of Library Information Network for Community Colleges using my mobile as well as on the desktop system, it was amazing, unfortunately in India so far nobody has (software vendors) developed a Library OPAC for mobile, of course it may be in developing stage.  Anyway library patrons can access library OPACs from their mobiles.

(Screenshot - for desktop systems)

Some of the Library OPAC's for Mobile Phones:

Athabasca University

Best Mobile apps download sites


Discover and download Mobile Apps for your Androids, iPhone, iPad, iPod, Black Berry, Windows mobiles:

Find your Employee Provident Fund ( EPF ) Balance


Surprise to see service by EPFO - Employees' Provident Fund Organisation, India started service of "Know Your EPF Balance" I am impressed by this service. You have to enter your EPF Account number and by select your State from drop down menu and click on Branch of your city & your mobile number that’s all, soon after your will get the Balance information on your Mobile. Check  your EPF Balance by clicking below link -
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